Fire Beast

How to sync Firebase buckets

To sync two Firebase Storage buckets (or Google Cloud Storage buckets which are the same), you'll need to install and initialize Cloud SDK first.

To make a mirror of a bucket, use gutil rsync:

gsutil -m rsync -d -r gs://bucket-source gs://bucket-mirror

Keep in mind that all content not matching the source will be removed from the mirror bucket.

You also can sync buckets across cloud providers, for instance, to make a mirror to Amazon S3:

gsutil -m rsync -d -r gs://bucket-source s3://bucket-mirror-at-s3

rsync arguments

Let's breakdown each argument we used:

  • -m perform multi-processing synchronization, speedups copy between cloud buckets.
  • -d removes files from the mirror bucket that not present in the source.
  • -r syncronize recursively.