Fire Beast

Quick start with Firebase and React

The purpose of this tutorial is to introduce Firebase and how to use it with React application. You'll learn how to initialize a project using Create React App, add authentication, model, and secure the database. We'll enable real-time updates and make the app work offline. TypeScript adepts will learn how to use type-safety efficiently.
Introduction into the tutorial
Learn what to expect from the tutorial, what are you going to learn and how it's structured.
Initializing Firebase app using Create React App
Learn how to create a Firebase project and initialize it with a new React app.
Introduction into Firestore
Learn how to use Firestore: add and update data, fetch using React Hooks, and subscribe to real-time updates.
Authentication with Firebase
Learn how to enable authentication using different providers. You'll see how to use Firebase Authentication with React Hooks.
Using Firestore queries
You'll learn how to use Firestore queries to filter and order data.
Security Rules (coming soon)
Learn how to secure your database and optimize data structure for easy reads.
Real-time and offline (coming soon)
Learn how to add full real-time to your app and enable offline support.
TypeScript (coming soon)
Learn how to make your Firebase app type-safe using Typesaurus, a Firestore ODM. On an example, you'll see how to describe the DB schema in TypeScript types and query safely using React Hooks.